Why Did I Get Paid Less Than I Was Quoted? (Adjustment)

Why Did I Get Paid Less Than I Was Quoted? (Adjustment)

Whenever there is a discrepancy (different expiration date, different condition, different brand, different box count than submitted), between your submitted quote/order and what we receive, we make an adjustment, take photos for your reference and send out two emails:
  1. An email saying that your order is now complete, which means it has been paid.
  2. An email that is called “order price adjustment“, that even includes thumbnail pictures.
The second email describes any discrepancies we found and encourages you to review pictures we took of your supplies as they arrived. Perhaps you didn’t receive this email? Email providers, especially YAHOO, COMCAST, ATT, HOTMAIL & AOL filter commercial emails with attachments directly to spam/junk. Other email providers sometimes filter emails like ours as well, so always please check there first. And to avoid having them filtered in the future, add our email address as a contact or whitelist our email to insure they end up in your inbox.

However, alternatively, you can also always log into our website and click on “My Account” at the top of the page, go to your most recent quote/order, you can click on the JPEG‘s/photos to see the pictures we took of the discrepancies and review the notes we took on your order. These images will be available for you to review for the next 60 days.

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