What Is Considered Damaged When Selling Diabetic Supplies?

What Is Considered Damage (that we can’t buy)?

This is a great question and will provide as many details below as possible!

To start, here are some photos showing damaged supplies that we could not purchase. Please note, we recommend to NOT remove script labels because they often damage the box coating and we won't be able to purchase damaged boxes.

Ripped box
Crushed corner
Humulin can have no damage, must be perfect, “mint” to be purchasable 
Stains/Markings on box
Water Stains, Tears from Label Removal
Box Coating Tearing From Label Removal

Visible Paper Damage Under Label - Can't Buy

These photos above hopefully gives you examples of damaged supplies which we can't buy. Please double check your supplies before shipping them because they will not be purchased or returned if they don't meet our minimum requirements or if damaged.

Thank you for your cooperation in allowing us to help you when you sell test strips and diabetic supplies! 

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