Shipping Tips To Avoid Damage

Shipping Tips To Avoid Damage

As we strive to pay you the most we can every time you sell with us, here are some tips to avoid damage to your supplies during shipping.

After 7 years of processing supplies and working with our sellers, we have found the following method avoids damage in 98% of all shipments. And before those tips, please note we only recommend using a STURDY cardboard box (and specifically not a re-used Amazon box - you can reuse boxes, but Amazon boxes are VERY flimsy) and NEVER use an envelope (padded or otherwise - it guarantees your supplies will be damaged).
  1. Put all your supplies, back to back all together inside your box snugly without any spacing between boxes.
  2. Next, fill the rest of the box to the top with packing materials tightly so when you close the box and shake it, nothing or very little moves. Pack it as tightly as possible and close and tape your box.
  3. If you are shipping heavy items such as Dexcom or Omnipods, double box your items. That way if the post office damages the outermost box, it won’t affect the inner box.
  4. If you are shipping heavy items such as Dexcom or Omnipods, remember that they weigh approximately 1 pound each. So, for example, if you are stacking eight items, the item on the bottom has 7 pounds resting on it. Even if you put cushioning between them, there is still 7 pounds resting on the bottom most item in this instance. By the time your item makes it through the mail, those bottom items could be damaged. Consider putting the bottom items in their own box inside the shipping box. This way the weight will be resting on a sturdier cardboard box instead of the flimsier Dexcom or Omnipod boxes.
Choosing a box that is proportional to the amount of supplies you are sending is very helpful and allows you to pack them tightly with ease.

This quick tip will help avoid damage to your supplies during transit.

We appreciate your business and look forward to processing your supplies! 💕

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