I Didn't Receive My Pre Paid Shipping Label

I Didn't Receive My Pre Paid Shipping Label

At times you may experience that you don't receive your pre paid shipping label after you submit your quote. No worries, there are two ways to resolve this quickly!

  1. First, please check your spam folder. Email providers, especially YAHOO, COMCAST, ATT, HOTMAIL & AOL filter commercial emails with attachments directly to spam/junk. Other email providers sometimes filter emails like ours as well, so always please check there first. And to avoid having them filtered in the future, add our email address as a contact or whitelist our email to insure they end up in your inbox.
  2. You can always login to your My Account page on our website[once you log in, click my account again], then click on ORDERS then click on your most recent quote and right at the top of your page will be a PDF icon next to Shipping Label and you can download your label 24/7 for your convenience.
Once you receive your label, just print it and tape it to your shipping box and you're all set. Thank you! 

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