I Can't Submit My Quote

I Can't Submit My Quote

Sometimes when you submit a quote and get to the bottom, you hit Submit and nothing happens! What's going on? Normally there are a few reasons why this may happen. Follow along and see which may fit your situation:
  1. Hidden dialog box. Many times what happens when the order won’t submit, is that the payment method selected has a dialog box that’s not filled in, not through any fault of yours, but it gets hidden. We’ve seen this happen mostly with the selection of Paypal and Venmo as payment methods. 
    What we suggest doing, is selecting a different payment method temporarily, then clicking back on the payment method that you want, and then the dialogue box usually pops up that was hidden before, and then you can type in your Paypal email, or your Venmo phone number into the dialog box. 99% of the time this resolves the issue.
  2. You may have skipped a required field. Sometimes you may have not filled in a field that's required before submitting. Please scroll up and see if there are any errors highlighted or fields with a red outline around it that needs to be completed before submitting.
  3. Refresh the checkout page in your browser. All your supplies will be saved, no worries, only your payment and bonus information will need to be re-entered. This also resolves the issue 99% of the time.
  4. If that doesn’t help, here are some other things to check:
    -Is your phone number correct? Does it have an area code and the number following it?
    -Are there any errors in your address? Any words run together where there should be spaces?
    -Did you input a valid email?
Thanks and please let us know how we can help further!
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