All About Bonus Codes

All About Bonus Codes

At times we offer bonus codes to thank our customers for reading our newsletters. We send out newsletters twice a month and if we offer a bonus code that month, it will be announced in those newsletters so please check them for the latest available codes. If you don't see our newsletter in your email, please check your spam folder or search your email for to find it and make sure to add our email to your contact list, prioritize these emails or whitelist our email to make sure you continue to receive our emails.

Also, you can check our current bonuses on our Facebook page: and just type "bonus" in messenger and it will show you all the current bonus codes available.

We want you to get the most money for your strips, and to have your bonus applied, you have to input the bonus code properly during checkout! You have to add the bonus code just as it appears in the email. Copy and paste is your friend!

Please note: The computer will only recognize properly inputted bonus codes. There are no spaces in bonus codes, and they are always in all caps. To verify that your bonus code was applied to your order, check the email that you receive that says “Thank You for Your Order”. In the section right above the payment method you selected, it will have a Bonus section [with the amount of the bonus] if a bonus code was successfully applied.

We don't mind adding the bonus code for you if you forget, but if your quote gets to our payment team to process your payment before it gets added, it's too late at that point. We want you to get the most money for your strips, so please remember to add your bonus code to your submission DURING checkout. And if you do forget, please email us BEFORE your items get here.

Please Note:
All bonuses require a minimum submission of either $100 or $250 (depending on which bonus) to qualify.
(PLEASE NOTE: All Bonuses Are Limited To 1 Code per Customer/Household per Month)

Thank you for your cooperation to allow us to best help you!

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